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 Uchimaki Clan

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Narora Araragi
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PostSubject: Uchimaki Clan   Uchimaki Clan Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 7:32 am

Name: Uchimaki clan

Element: lightning, light, darkness, and kagegan

Appearance:silver hair, some have red eyes some have Black. Black eyes mean mastery of the Kagegan.

Power Description:

Kagegan: a fusion of Byakugan(sp?) and Sharingan, with its own twist. it has a second level the Uzugi. with it speed increasses by x100 and it can hipmotise or kill with one glans with right traning.

History: Was founded by Narora's great ansester, Naruto Uchimaki, over 100 years ago. the Clan was killed by Narora's older brother, Sunki Uchimaki, 5 years ago.

The Kagegan has eather 1 Tomone in each eye or 2 in the right and 1 in left. awakened at the Test 'Station of Awakening'

this level allows slight movement slow down, and can copy very little jutsu at a time, and the user still has to work at perfecting them. this form also alows slight hipnosis.

The Kagegan has 2 Tomone in each eye. Awakend from a power explosion.

This Level allows more movement slow down to the point of 1/80th of a second. it can copy more then the first level, but the hipnosis stays almost the same.

The Kagegan now has three Tomone in each eye. goten from the drive to servive or protect.

This Level allows Huge movment slow down to the point of 1/16 of a second. it can copy most jutsu and moves and hiposis is allmost to Zero's Geass level, but can be risisted if the user is to strong.

The Kagegan reaches its full Power with all Four Tomone in each eye. reached when taking the Test 'Station of Awakening: Final'.

The Kagegan can see almost all movment around it to a 1/2 second point. it can copy ANYTHING that the user's element can use (I.E. Narora's lightning element.) and it can hipnotise to the point of Zero's Geass. but the enemy can still break free if they can resist it.

The member is sent into a Relm with just cilenders with pictures on them. (yes it looks like the SOA of KH2) with many cerves and surprises. you must battle your way threw and use every bit of skill you have to make it threw. when you reach the end you must battle the Clan Head. if at any time you awaken your Kagegan the test will end just like that. but it sounds harder than it looks.


The member is sent once again to the SOA. but this time its 1000x harder. only members wanting there Kagegan at its max power can come here and even then you might not get to. only a select few are aloud to have a Level Four Kagegan. at the end you must fight the Clan head, who has a partner this time to fight with him/her, WIN, AND awaken your Kagegan to its max power.

if this does not happen the test is faled and you will not beable to take it for a month.
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Uchimaki Clan
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