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 Chakra's beginning Chapter 1-2

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Name:: Chakra
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PostSubject: Chakra's beginning Chapter 1-2   Chakra's beginning Chapter 1-2 Icon_minitimeThu Jan 21, 2010 10:01 am

Chapter 1-2
A Fight of family love

Nelliel confronted Raxer at the white sand desert He had turned round and his eyes was a dark green colour with no iris and he threw Chakra into the sand and summoned a vasto lorde to keep control of him as Raxer was prepared to Fight Nelliel, Nelliel was ready to end this running and get her children back.

“Time to stop running and bring them back to me” Nelliel said while releasing her Zampakutou

“Your right i think this is pointless and futile” Raxer said smiling and he unsheathed his Zampakutou

Nelliel released her Zampakutou and then got her lancer and threw it at Raxer but Raxer made light work of it as he jumped and created a wind aura around his sword then created a gust shredding Nelliel’s body, Nelliel jumped back and Charged at Raxer and shoulder barged him knocking him of balance.

Raxer stood up then charged a cero and fired it towards Nelliel but Nelliel breathed it in then fired it twice the power, Raxer jumped just before the attack hit him but Nelliel ran towards the Vasto lorde and killed him and was about to picked up Chakra but all of a sudden Nelliel looked pale as she looked behind her and Raxer had stabbed her through the back.

Nelliel used her reiatsu to repel Raxer back but used too much and fell to the floor as Raxer took out his blade as he flew back and fell on the floor, Nelliel looked at the baby Chakra that was uninjured, She smiled as she was dying and took a necklace of around her neck and paced it on Chakra’s blanket in his body then opened a Garganta that leaded and said her farewell to Chakra as she jumped in with Chakra to Karakura town but before she was able to close t Raxer came through Nelliel ran towards a care home and left him at the door then sonido’s to the centre of town to meet her fate, Raxer saw her on a building and jumped to her

“Farewell Nel time to die” Raxer got ready to kill her

“Fine time to except my fate but my children will live on as humans never knowing about this stuff about Reiatsu, Chakra, Hollows or anything like that “ Nel said looking at the moon Raxer swung his blade and red filled the dark sky.

::::::::::::::::::::: Time Skip::::::::::::::::::::

In the early morning A door opened and one of the people inside was getting the milk bottles when they found a baby on the porch of the step they picked up the baby and had a letter attached saying

“To whom this may concern
Please take care of this baby and to protect him from harm
his name is Chakra so please take good care of him

The person picked the baby up and took him inside the care home.


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Chakra's beginning Chapter 1-2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chakra's beginning Chapter 1-2   Chakra's beginning Chapter 1-2 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 21, 2010 12:45 am

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Chakra's beginning Chapter 1-2
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