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 Bleach - Dark Truth [this is not my site]

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PostSubject: Bleach - Dark Truth [this is not my site]   Bleach - Dark Truth [this is not my site] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 10:33 pm


The battle was almost over, it was down to Ichigo, Chad, Ishida, Orihime, Rukia and a few others against Aizen Sosuke. It was looking like they were going to fail this battle. The captians had all failed and so had the vizards, the Hōgyoku attached to Aizen was too powerful for them too take on. One by one, ichigo watched as his allies attempted and failed at trying to get rid of the Hōgyoku, he was beginning to feel powerless, he was beginning to feel like there was no longer any home for them to win. This was all until a garganta opened up behind him, inside it were two fraccion of Szayel Aporro Granz. With them was a black box, a box that carried an extreme pressence. These two fraccion said they were there to help, they were getting sick of the one who corrupted their master. They had something their master had made, the black box was supposedly able to extract the Hōgyoku from Aizen, giving them the chance to kill him. Ichigo, Chad, Ishida, Orihime and Rukia then distracted Aizen so the two fraccion would be able to do what they came there to do. The extracted the Hōgyoku, sealed it in the black box, then killed Aizen. The war was over between the shinigami and arrancar, all should have went back to normal but they made a few mistakes. Ichigo went back to Soul Society with Rukia and a few of the surviving lieutenants to give the news and bring new order to Seireitei. Orihime was given the black box caring the Hōgyoku, so along with Chad and Ishida, they went back to Karakura town. The three sealed the box deep within Karakura Town's forest, but becuase it was so close to the city, more super humans and vizards began to appear. Humans who had wished for better things like power or freedom were given powers and Shinigami observing the town were hollowfied out of want for power. The quincy race soon began to raise back up in numbers out of wishes from Ishida and his father.

After twenty years Soul Society was back to normal and Hueco Mundo had a new group of Espada, who created them, no one knows. Karakura Town started to become hectic, new technology, new quincy, new vizards, and new super humans, there was bound to be chaos. Seeing this, Chad and Orihime created a group of superhumans that would take control of Karakura Town, to bring back the peace that they once knew when they were kids. This group was called Karakura Secret Police Humans (KSP Humans). Another twenty years had passed and those who had survived the war between the Arrancar and Shinigami had dissappeared, and with their absence bountou were once again brought back along with giant gates in The Rukongai, Karakura Town, The White Sand Desert, Manhattan, and The Forest of Menos. On these gates were written, "This is the gate to Hell. Those who enter shall suffer along with many from the past. Fear this gate and what lyes inside, for never have you seen such a terrible place." Many specualtions came with the gates, it could have been the bountou who mysteriously re-surfaced at the same time, or the arrancar who decided to bring "hell" everywhere, or maybe even the shinigami who planned revenge on the world for the many deaths they brought them.


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Bleach - Dark Truth [this is not my site]
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