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Name: Phantom Feara
Name: Narora
Name: Senso
Name: Chakra
Name: Sakura
Name: Nex


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Narora Araragi
Gardien-Key / Master Vizard / Co-Founder / Hokage-Hikarikage / The Silver Flash
Narora Araragi

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Age : 24
GF/BF : Phantom Feara
Ability : Sendo Getsuga Max: Fires a huge Red and Black Getsuga, a legondary attack that translates directly to 'Deathly Reiatsu Blast'.

Character Area
Name:: Narora Uchimaki
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PostSubject: Playlist   Playlist Icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2009 6:21 pm

The playlist has been set up at the bottom of the page, if there are any questions, put it here, if there are comments, put them here, if you would like it to be deactivated from how slow the site gets (if it gets slow) please post it here. we Admin's are here to help the members with a better site exspeareance.

the playlist is NOT shown on every page, only the home page, for use not on the home page click the 'stand alone player' or 'pop-out player/playlist'.

Music suggestions are also taken here. but if its a song you think is privet and don't want anybody to know about, then PM me and i'll see if i can find it. once again no bad songs. this includes but is not limited to:

Swaring/cursing: one or two, fine, but nothing above three, we don't need that here.

Rasist: no absolutoly NOT, if you even think of suggesting this, even in PM you will be deleted and IP is put on the black list. don't even screw around with it as a joke, if it is a joke... well i hope theres another forum out there for you. sorry but this is for the forum.

sexual: no. just no. you will be banned if suggested. (the admin that bans you will diside on how bad the music)

Red Harring: anything telling you to buy something, or crap like that, banned for 8 days.

almost anything elts. if its wrong i'll warn you, if you do it agian, your banned.


you may now post suggestions.


Chibi Bet.

And if it all shall fall apart
I will know deep in my heart
The only dream I had came true
Cause I was loved by you.
Playlist Broken_heart-1823
-Unloved. (by Naught)
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